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Past Life
Internation fashion runway model
Model agency owner and fashion and jewelry designer
Entrepreneur of interior design business
Shaw cable TV producer in Canada of youth talent show
Developer of youth programs for self-esteem and life skills
Lecturer for women’s fashion makeovers and workshops
Public speaker of Christian women’s retreats and conventions
Personal testimony speaker in Christian church outreaches
Guest speaker on 100 Huntley Street, national TV
Builder, owner, and operator with husband of God’s Mountain Crest Chalet
Present Life
Widow, married for over forty-five years with the same lovable man.
Proud mother of two daughters and five loveable grandchildren.
Dedicated foster mother for over thirty-five years. (Caregiver for more than eighty teenagers during this time.)
A Christian writer and believer
To reach out to everyone who wishes to learn new skills and to better their lives and relationships
Retired senior over seventy
Started a new project. Pioneer on an empty land, a 480-acre countryside with her visionary husband, creating and operating Almighty Summit Estate, a venue and concert lodge. Also, hosting guests and work volunteers from all around the world
About the Author
Ghitta Lejeune's storied life has been marked by a series of impressive achievements. A renowned figure in the fashion industry, Ghitta first graced the international runways as a model before expanding her horizons as a model agency owner, fashion and jewelry designer.

Her entrepreneurial spirit didn't stop there; she ventured into the realm of interior design and took on the mantle of a Shaw cable TV producer in Canada, championing youth talent through her show.Passionate about the empowerment and development of young minds, Ghitta developed crucial youth programs that focused on self-esteem and life skills.

Women's fashion wasn't just a profession for her, it was also a platform. She became a sought-after lecturer, offering fashion makeovers and workshops.Deeply rooted in her Christian faith, Ghitta has been a beacon of inspiration and guidance. She's been a distinguished public speaker at Christian women's events, including retreats and conventions. Her personal testimony resonates with many, making her a recurring guest speaker on the national TV show, 100 Huntley Street.

Together with her loving husband, they founded God's Mountain Crest Chalet, a testament to their combined vision and dedication.In her present life, Ghitta stands as a proud widow, having spent over forty-five blissful years with her beloved spouse. She cherishes her role as a mother to two wonderful daughters and as a grandmother to five enchanting grandchildren.

For over three decades, Ghitta also opened her heart and home as a foster mother, caring for over eighty teenagers during this period.Ghitta's faith finds expression in her writings, reflecting her identity as a devoted Christian writer and believer.

Her mission is clear: to uplift, educate, and better the lives and relationships of all those she encounters.Even in her seventies, Ghitta's zeal for life remains undiminished.

Now retired, she's embarked on an ambitious project alongside her visionary husband. Together, they're pioneering a vast 480-acre land, crafting the Almighty Summit Estate—a unique venue and concert lodge that welcomes guests and volunteers from across the globe.

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